801 S. Florida Ave. Lakeland, FL 33801
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NOW (2012 - Present)

801 S. Florida Ave. Suite #5. Lakeland Florida 33801

Teachers' Exchange is the premier educational supply store in Central Florida which stocks over 60,000 products from over 50 publishers of educational materials to meet the educational supply needs of PreK-12 schools, daycares, teachers and parents. Along with our in-store products, we carry thousands more through our exceptional on-line catalog.

As you're driving down S. Florida Ave., you'll spot our sign in the 800 block between Hillcrest St. and McDonald St.

Enter the front doors of the Waller Plaza
.... and you'll find us inside, down on the left .... in Suite #5
We'll greet you from our registers and office/warehouse as you walk in the door.


Preschool teachers and parents can find an array of educational games, activities, toys & puzzles to stimulate young minds. Also on hand, a large selection of resource materials essential in planning and teaching.

For your shopping convenience....
As you shop, you have options for keeping your hands free to explore the store. Use Shopping Baskets to carry items around you want close by for comparing and matching.  Deep & Wide Storage Shelves are located near the Registers for keeping bulky items like games, charts and bulletin board sets together while you shop for other items.


Before you start right into shopping, drop the kids off at the play center. The Dr. Seuss decorations and plethora of educational toys make the all important playroom quite inviting for the children! The Restroom is also conveniently located down the same hallway!


Elementary level resources are abundant. Literacy & Math Games... to ... Interactive Time & Money CDs and DVDs... to... Study tips for Test Taking. "The writing is on the wall" when it comes to our decorative selection for the classroom. Whether the need be informational, or bright & stimulating our classroom decorations include all the latest designs from the top publishers.

Enjoy wide aisles, spacious layout and surround sound throughout the store!

Middle School resources are comprehensive, including math, science, social studies, reading and language arts. There are also topic specific resources to allow a student to work at home on specific areas of challenge.

Well stocked with all the latest themes and products!

High School teachers can choose from a large assortment of motivationsl and visually stimulating Argus Posters for the classroom. Students can supplement their school curriculum with upper grade level resources in most subject areas.


Consignment Shop

Our consignors are primarily local teachers (current and retired) and home school parents who meet our consignment program guidelines. They consign gently used (often never been used) educational supplies, teacher resources and educational toys & games.

THEN (2005 - 2012)
1065 S. Florida Ave. Suite #1 Lakeland, Florida 33803

Our check-out counter wraps around one corner of the warehouse and office area

Our 4,000 sq.ft. store houses over 60,000 products, along with a Discount Corner and Consignment Area.


Kids like to play at the Train Table while their parents shop.

Reading Comprehension Resources, Workbooks, Games, Manipulatives all in one location.


Walls of Bulletin Boards and rows of Learning Charts to decorate your learning environments.

Border Alley has an ample selection to accent your Bulletin Boards.


         We were located in the front suite of the Waller Center in Dixieland.  There is easy access into our parking lot right off S. Florida Ave.